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Forever pondering...
Forever searching...


Thank you for kissme….♡

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If Hoon was your boyfriend for anon

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Yo I got some time now, so

tagged in the 20 facts things by dancinginthehoonlight, thank you very much friend

  1. I thought it’d be hard to make friends in college but surprisingly, it’s the opposite
  2. like I literally walked down to the floor below me and went to dinner in a mob with others
  3. oh and yesterday I played “Cards Against Humanity” with these same people until 12:30am
  4. I live in the top floor and I have the top bunk
  5. I live on an all-female floor (I wouldn’t have minded co-ed though)
  6. The campus is huge so I got lost at least 23678946 times, who knows
  7. There’s thousands of bikes here
  8. I had a really deep conversation with my floormates (who I had met just that day) and I didn’t realize it was 2am, whoops
  9. I’ve been walking a LOT, my legs are gonna be beautiful
  10. It feels great to be away from home to be honest
  11. I’ve noticed that most of the people in my building are Asian-Americans (I guess it’s a theme?)
  12. I like this town because people seem genuinely friendly and I like that
  13. I hoarded a bunch of snacks to my dorm, who wants some
  14. ^ same with a giant jar of instant coffee
  15. I’m running out of facts ahhhh
  16. One of my close online friends is coming to my school next quarter and we’ll finally meet squeeeeeee (more hoon friends to cry over hoon with tbh)
  17. I had a tablet, but it had some issues so my dad is exchanging it (since he bought it recently) and bringing it to me when he visits, whenever that is
  18. My dad keeps trying to use slang in his texts and I’m like dad please
  19. I went to a lot of welcome events like rallies and football games (free stuff wheeeeeee)
  20. I’m out of facts merp

Not tagging anyone because I’m a butt

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hello friends, I moved into uni yesterday so I may less active, maybe (not that I was really active anyway)

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People assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl, but I can handle myself. 

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HoonNight kissme~~~>_

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[TRANS] 140924 Hoon’s Twitter Update

It’s me!!!! I’ll spank KISSme’s butt who answered Eli!! I’ll make you cry!!! COME OUT!!!!

Translation by U-KISS Indonesia

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Our bus arrived into London just after 2pm, where we went to costa and then battled the underground and eventually got to Kentish town. My friend, pianoorigami at this point was like a five year old the day before Christmas. It was really adorable ;_;.

Anyway! So we go to the back of the…


오늘 런던 공연 화이팅!!!!!!!!
키스미 응원마니 해주세요오~!! V


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