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self-confessed-ukiss-obsessed replied to your post “I’m trying to eat my yogurt in peace and I see fandom drama D:”

Some kissme was saying that Kissme’s were lazy and a disgrace. I didn’t see the post but was told it was something like that over them not winning awards

seoppiesaur replied to your post “I’m trying to eat my yogurt in peace and I see fandom drama D:”

Someone saying kissme are the laziest fandom in the world because we don’t care that U-KISS haven’t got a number one

I haven’t seen the post myself, but I don’t think Kissmes are necessarily “lazy”. A lot of Kissmes are the complete opposite, but the truth of the matter is that we’re outnumbered. By a lot. The Korean fanbase is small, and international fans don’t have much influence when it comes to music shows. We’ve heard this so many times. Most fans are sick of hearing it. U-KISS themselves are probably sick of it, too. They’re aware of their status in Korea; although they work so hard, there isn’t much they can do if people aren’t willing to open their minds. Why do you think they’re happier when they promote in Japan?

To be realistic, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll win a music show anytime soon, and frankly, I’ve accepted that. Korean promotions are not only stressful for them, but also for the fans. There’s always this added pressure to “win an award”, and it gets tiring. We got to know them for their music, for their personalities, not weekly music show awards.

Most people think that Kissmes are “lazy”, but we care. We really do. Aside from awards, we want them to do well. We want them to continue doing what they love because they’re not in this industry to earn awards.

We’re not here to please others to boost their egos or whatever. We’re not here to be pitied.

hoonbean replied to your post “I’m trying to eat my yogurt in peace and I see fandom drama D:”

orz this is the first I’ve heard of anything… ’ ^ ‘

Apparently someone made a post (I haven’t seen it) that Kissmes were lazy and disgraceful because of U-KISS’ lack of awards, or something like that (cue the eye roll). I have some replies with this info so I’ll respond in another post.

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I’m trying to eat my yogurt in peace and I see fandom drama D:


"You like UKISS? Name all the members."

Canned Bean

Ayy Bae

Eel Eye

Kiss Up


Sued Ham


And of course we can’t forget:


Adam Sandler

Key Butt


Hi cutie! (≧▽≦)b

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I miss you and your cute face ;_;

I miss you too T.T Come visit soon!

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when Kevin requested a “muscle gwiyomi“…

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I know the feeling, Hoon.

We are not an “utter disgrace of a fandom”, we are a small fandom. That’s the bottom line.


Allow me to tell you something you should already know. All these music shows and awards come down to numbers. Not talent, not great songs, not great performances. Numbers. The groups with significantly more fans than U-KISS win because of the quantity of their fan base. Those groups have more fans because they come from SM, YG, 1totheK ect, companies that are and have always been bigger and more popular than NH. There are more people paying attention to their artists, and the bias against groups from the smaller companies is obvious. U-KISS have been up against that bias from day one, but they pressed through it. They kept going.

Even though U-KISS have not won #1, they have done more than most can ever dream of.

Did you know that only 1% of all the musicians in the world are able to sell more than 1,000 copies of their album? U-KISS, along with many other groups, are a part of that 1%. Most artists will never be able to say that they’ve performed their music for fans in South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and America. U-KISS can.

Believe me, I absolutely want U-KISS to win, but we have to face reality. There is a very real possibility that they never will. Not because they were not good enough, but because us Kissme’s were outnumbered. Because there were not enough people to vote for U-KISS to make them win a trophy given out by a television show. That’s really it. Does that invalidate the immense amount of talent the members possess? No. Does that mean all their hard work was for nothing? No. It was for us.

They do this for us. 

All the trophies in the world could never mean half as much to the members of U-KISS as we do. 

When U-KISS is finished, what will remain are the memories they’ve made with Kissme’s around the world. The members will be able to look back on their careers and know without a doubt that we genuinely loved them. That we let ourselves love them, because we stopped giving a shit about what other people had to say a long time ago. Regardless if we are able to give them a #1 in the future or not, we have given them something far more valuable: our pure, unconditional love. We don’t need some award show to tell us that.